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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Wed Dec 1 18:46:12 GMT 2004

>Hi Rovernetters
>Driving into the sun this afternoon, I could not help but reflect on just
>how pitted my windscreen has become. Now I do have a spare, and will check
>its condition.  But can members please advise:
>Are new replacements available?
>Can windscreens be professionally polished to remove minor pits etc?

It is possible to polish but...

1. any pit deep enough to feel with a fingernail is too deep to 
polish out. Same for wiper scuffs.
2. Its slow, hard work and it quite possible to crack the glass if 
you overheat it
3. it is quite possible to introduce optical distortions

That said, kits are fairly cheap and my experience (two windshields, 
one a success, one not) has been that it does improve the sun glare 
problem greatly.


>Kind regards
>Peter Mitchell
>Perth Western Australia
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