[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S Carb Adjustment

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Not necessarily. Backing them out enriches the mixture. If you had air leaks 
around the throttle shafts this would have compensated. If the rebuild cured 
this problem and all else is set correctly (needles & floats), they should 
tune properly.

Vancouver, WA
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> When I rebuilt the SU carbs on my 1970 NADA 3500S, the instructions said: 
> "screw the jet nuts (at the bottom of the carbs)all the way in, then back 
> out 2 turns." I screwed the nuts in, but they took a lot more than 2 turns 
> to go in.
> Does this mean they were way out of adjustment before the carb rebuild, or 
> does it mean the 2 turns are still far from where the optimum final 
> adjustment will be?
> I think the carbs are type H6S.
> Thanks much.
> Randy - Miami, FL
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