[ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6 windscreen- follow up

Peter Mitchell peterm at arach.net.au
Sun Dec 5 08:37:02 GMT 2004

Hi Rovernetters

Just writing to thank the people who responded to my post last week about
the availability of windscreens / and or polishing kits, for my P6B.

The responses were all helpful and a special thank you to Peter Huttemeier
wo gave me the name of the firm Protector who supply windscreens wholesale
to the trade. I contacted the agency in Western Australia and can obtain one
at A$150, although I can see the price doubling by the time the fitting
agent is paid for.  Still, if the cost were $300 - say 100 pounds UK, I'd
think that pretty reasonable for the result.

Also, I have my troublesome inlet manifold refitted [the subject of a
posting some 8 weeks ago] and the car has been back on the road. That is
until Friday when I noticed the ignition light stayed on when the key was
turned off, and a flat battery to boot.  So she is now at the auto
electrician's shop for diagnosis. The Royal Auto Club serviceman suggested
the  problem to be the failure of a diode on the alternator.  Any other
suggestions appreciated.

Finally, compliments to Eric for his commitment to the site.

Regards [Rogards?]

Peter Mitchell
Perth Western Australia

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