[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Rebuilt !!!

agale at ihug.com.au agale at ihug.com.au
Fri Dec 10 05:47:36 GMT 2004

Is there any experience as tension-ridden as sitting in the driver's seat of a 
car containing an engine one has just re-built from the ground up?
Will it start?  What have I forgotten? The camshaft **was** aligned properly, 
wasn't it?  Maybe I should have stuck with a standard cam profile ... do i 
really want a punchier one? Did I remember to tighten everything?  Should I be 
worried about that odd shaped bracketish looking bit of aluminum casting with 
a quarter inch bolt hole that is left over?  

She didn't want to start ... a lot of fluffing through the carburettors.  
Hmmmm.  Re-seat the distributor with the rotor arm at 180 degrees?  Perfect!!

I've just clocked up 30 miles in the P6B 3500S, which has also had the SUs re-
balanced and given new needles to match the cam.  Now the loudest noise in the 
engine bay is the groaning waterpump, which was obviously on its way out and 
previously could not be heard over the noise of the clattery engine!

A big thanks to all the rovernetters who answered questions during the three 
month project, or who contributed to threads that were relevant to what I was 
doing.  Once again this unique information exchange has proven its worth in 
trumps.  Thanks, folks.

Alan Gale
1972 P6B 3500S (engine smooth as silk, interior trim the next project)
1984 Van den Plas (anyone want to swap a manual for this auto version)?
1951 P4 Cyclops (for sale or for permenant loan - offers anyone?)
1933 Rover 10 - the engine is being rebuilt and should be running by March

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