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Good luck with it Fritz. The percentages are very much with you according to 
my wife. She is a cardiovascular clinical specialist (RN) who worked for 
both the Fogarty Group and Northwest Surgical Group for many years. That is 
Tom Fogarty of the Fogarty catheter, etc. Heart surgery has come a long way. 
Not to make light of it, but they are doing great things now. You should be 
home for Christmas, I hope so.

Slats Wolfe
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 know its early but I would like to wish all out there in the Rover Universe 

"A Peacefull Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year" may those Viking Weels never 
stop turning.

Fritz M. Rechberger

On a personal note I'm checking into the Houston Heart Center on monday for 
a very serious operation with a very high risk.
So maybe my wife will need some help from the ROVERNET next year selling my 
two P5s ..... Hope not !!!!

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