[ROVERNET - UK] SU Carb Dampener Oil

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Sat Dec 11 04:43:51 GMT 2004

Randy. I have not used Marvel Mystery Oil. But I would second the comment 
"why bother"? If it is because you have some then try it. You will know if 
it works or not fairly quickly. You are not likely to  cause any problems. I 
have driven my SD1 with Strombergs from -35 to +40C. I have used 20W50, 
10W30  and auto trans fluid. I found very little difference between any of 
them at high temperatures and only slight differences between 10W30 and auto 
trans fluid at low temperatures. Once the engine is warm the damper oil does 
not seem to effect the engine very much. Before warm up you may notice some 
popping from the intakes. My opinion is to use what works. If you find it 
works then it is probably Ok. The operator guide does say what oil to use 
for various temperature ranges. It is fairly easy to experiment and find the 
optimum for performance and fuel economy. Hope this helps, all the best. 

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>Has anyone used Marvel Mystery oil in the piston dampeners in their SU 
>carbs, and if so, does it work?
>Randy - Miami, FL
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