[ROVERNET - UK] Timing advoce

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Mon Dec 13 23:24:56 GMT 2004

Timing marks are on the flywheel, view via removing 2" long plate on right
hand rear of engine (7/16 spanner).
Nominally they are 6BTDC but with lower octane petrol aim for less, like
You can use a timing light, swipe some white paint on the line on the
flywheel and time it at idle.
There is a pointer to line it up against.


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Dear Rovernet,

I finally got some time to start playing around with the 2000TC this 
weekend and started a tuneup.  I figured out that you time it 
statically and how much but could not figure it out beyond that. How is 
this done? I could not find any timing marks. I would appreciate any 

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