[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S Questions

NOBLIOUS at aol.com NOBLIOUS at aol.com
Fri Dec 17 12:29:22 GMT 2004

I tried sending this a few days ago but I didn't get it back, so let me try again. 

I have a couple of questions:

- does the coolant from the outlet pipe at the back of the intake manifold go through the heater valve? It seems like the valve has a bypass pipe that leads to the heater core. How does that valve work?

- where does the vacuum pipe for the "auto park" on the wiper motor connect? Is it to the vacuum port on the rear of the intake manifold?

- the ROM states that "all air is cooled and dehumidified by the AC system", even when the heater is on. Is that true? Sounds very inefficient to me.

Thanks much.

Randy - Miami, FL, USA
1970 3500S
1973 Stag

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