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First thing to look at would be the sway bar fasteners. They can make 
quite a racket if loose. After that, make sure the all the long 
attachment bolts attaching the upper suspension arms to the firewall 
are secure. It is not unknown for the outer ones to rot away inside 
the long tubes enough to stretch, but for that to happen the car also 
invariably has a latticework of rust in the lower regions. If it's 
coming from the steering damper side, make sure the damper is secure 
and flanges not cracked.

Is it a single tink, a series, long noise or short??

Coast to a stop with engine off and see if it makes the noise when 
you brake assertively. And of course, by all means inspect the lower 
attachment brackets for signs of distortion, cracking or bright spots 
of wear.


>I have begun to notice a metallic tink/clink noise coming from the 
>front suspension area when I move the P6 from standstill, 
>particularly if under a load - like up a hill, or after having come 
>to a strong halt. Is this the beginning of the dreaded chassis 
>crack/collapse syndrome?
>What should I look for underneath?
>Have I missed some threads on this on my searches? point me at them 
>rather than have to type me an essay if you can.
>Apart from that, the new engine and waterpump are doing well.  now 
>300 miles since rebuild, one change of oil later and freeing up 
>Tempting to drive it the 900km to Sydney for christmas, but think 
>nine hours at one rev band could be counterproductive at this stage.
>Alan Gale
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