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Mon Dec 20 07:20:13 GMT 2004

Hi Alan,

The noise of the front chasis cracking and breaking is unlikely to cause
a clinking noise, more a grating grinding as the front suspension skids along
the road, you will also note a change in the pitch of the vehicle as the
nose drips and maybe the front wheels will disappear to the left of the car
with loss of steering feel.  Seriously, the chasis may crack where the stabalising
bar from the steering connects with the chasis. Jack up the car just ahead
of the sump and inspect the chasis, where any crack should then be visible
under a bright light and perhaps a sharp probe.  I suggest you check all
the suspension and steering components as per the previous brighter and cleverer
correspondents than I, have suggested.  A "chink" suggests low load on the
component and I suspect the anti chatter shims on the front disk pads.  The
metal of the pads or the callipers may have worn allowing rotational movement
under breaking, in turn exacerbating movement of the anti chatter shims.
 Alternatively the pads may be moving against the retaining pins.  Jack up
the front.  Have a suitable rover enthusiast (of your selection)press the
brake pedal.  Grab the road wheel and try to move it either clockwise or
anti clockwise, to feel for movement (should be minimal)  Any movement may
accompany the noise as metal things move.  Check the steering box and dampner
for movement and for oil.  Check the tightness of the road wheel nuts and
that previous loose nuts have not worn the press metal of the wheel.  If
you are planning a long trip, avoid braking or stopping on hills or stopping
at all.

If all else fails check that you are sober (or not in alcohol withdrawal)
when you hear the noise, or that there are not little green men sitting on
your left sholder etc etc.  Let us know how it goes.  Happy Christmas from
me and no doubt from all your rover friends worldwide

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>I have begun to notice a metallic tink/clink noise coming from the front
>suspension area when I move the P6 from standstill, particularly if 
>under a load - like up a hill, or after having come to a strong halt. Is
>this the beginning of the dreaded chassis crack/collapse syndrome?
>What should I look for underneath?
>Have I missed some threads on this on my searches? point me at them 
>rather than have to type me an essay if you can.
>Apart from that, the new engine and waterpump are doing well.  now 300 
>miles since rebuild, one change of oil later and freeing up nicely.
>Tempting to drive it the 900km to Sydney for christmas, but think nine 
>hours at one rev band could be counterproductive at this stage.
>Alan Gale
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