[ROVERNET - UK] Triumph Xmas Present.

Linda and Ben Rodgers rodgl at pei.sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 30 23:19:21 GMT 2004

Hi Folks
            A question often asked at this time of year, is what did you get
for Christmas???. Well I got a 1973 Triumph, what model you say ??
TR3 -6 -Stag -Spit???? none of those.
My Triumph was made in Nottingham, once the bicycle capitol of England. Its
a bright blue 3 speed Sturmey Archer complete with Brooks all leather saddle
and caliper brakes.
I guess that some I was recalling my long ago youth, and the riding of a
brand new three speed Hercules bike with hub dynamo around the Isle of Wight
circa 1951. My family decide to find me another one for Christmas, however
as a car show enthusiast they thought a Triumph bicycle more suitable, plus
they could'nt find a Hercules to fit the bill. Now I have to find a suitable
bicycle rack to fit the rear bumper of my P5.
Just my seasonal story!!! Happy New Year Everyone.
                                                  Regards Ben
PS also have just published my first book and sold 10 copies already, well
on the way to my first million? grin.

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