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>The bushings are press fit and can be a rather tight press fit, at that.  I
>had to use a 35 ton hydraulic press to remove the old bushings and fit new.
>And you will need a cylinder of a diameter that is a loose fit in the top
>link bushing hole as a tool that the press can work against, i.e. something
>to transfer the load from the press to the old bushing.
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>>  Well i acquired a set of the bent top links and of course the big end
>>  bushings were shot..........and of course the bushings on my straight ones
>>  are both the same size..........TOO F-----N small so i,m back to square
>>  one..........Does anyone have a set of bent ones with good
>>  bushings..........Are these press fit bushings or do they somehow screw
>>  in...........i found a set of straight ones downstairs in my goodie box
>>  they look to have threads in the holes on the small end.........I,m also
>>  trying Pierre on here to get new bushings
>>  Bill Robertson
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Easier when removing the old bushing to burn/chisel the rubber out, 
then split the remaining shell and remove it. No need for a press. A 
press is ideal, but in a pinch, you can install the bushes by getting 
the link really hot and freezing the bushing solid. The thermal 
expansion plus a touch of lube on the bush makes them a medium drive 
fit under those contitions, but you do have to work fast.

The bushings are not threaded, you're just seeing the marks left by 
the bolt that goes through the bush when installed.

Good Luck

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