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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Sat Jul 3 20:55:09 BST 2004

>I want to know for certain which type of carbs I have installed on 
>my 69 2000 TC.  I can't always go by the books because according to 
>them my car should have the Girling brake system and not the Dunlop, 
>and a few other quirky items.  So, on the float chamber lid of the 
>first carb the tab says"AUD329F".  Is this any clue to the series 
>and type of my carbs?  I am aware that the "F" stands for "Forget 
>trying to Fix me in the Future" ,or maybe it was for "FRONT"?  Is 
>there another set of numbers that will help identify them?
>Thanks always for your great help!
>Tom C.
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You should have HS carbs, and i beleive that number is correct. The 
back carb will have tag with 329R on it.

The quick way to tell if you have HD or HS carbs is that the HS carbs 
have a choke cable that splits in two and attaches from the top of 
the carb down, while the HDs use a single choke cable that attaches 
below the aircleaner.

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