[ROVERNET - UK] : SU carbs,

plin pnp at webone.com.au
Mon Jul 5 02:25:26 BST 2004

Some info from my SU files, I have details up to 1973 for most vehicles with

     Vehicle           Year      Carb. Spec.     Type         Needle
2000TC(USA)   1967/68   AUD 254    HS8 F&R    AAA
2000TC(USA)   1968        AUD329     HS8 F$R     AAB
2000TC(USA. E.C.E.)  1968/74 AUD 411  HS8 F&R  AAB

2000TC             1967/68   AUD 264    HS8 F&R    AAA
2000TC             1969/71   AUD 330    HS8 F&R    AAA
2000TC             1971/73   AUD 533    HS8 F&R    AAM

Peter from OZ

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