[ROVERNET - UK] Yanks 4th of July

Alan FRANCIS royston at jualry.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Jul 5 13:41:10 BST 2004

We Brits still feel it was a bad refereeing decision, the guys dumping the
tea were definitely OFFSIDE and Paul Revere should never have played as his
transfer had the wrong date on it. ;)

You should know by now we never 'loose' anything, we just have it taken away
by bad refereeing, though German members of the list may disagree when
considering the '66 World Cup Final, it was over the line guv, HONEST!   ;)

Any Greek members on the list? If so congratulopodos!


Alan Francis (Part Viking)

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Thanks for your good wishes. And for your good sportsmanship.
I read somewheres that in his diary entry for July 4, 1776, King George
III wrote, "Nothing of importance happened today."
He was wrong.
Wasn't he?

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