Fw: [ROVERNET - UK] 3500S Handbrake Cable Adjustment

Michael Pellow mp349 at ww.co.nz
Wed Jul 7 19:49:44 BST 2004

> Is the handbrake cable adjusted from inside the car or under the car?
> Randy - Miami, FL
> 1970 3500S
Before adjusting the cable ,make sure that the brake adjustment mechanisim
is working correctly. On the rear calipers there is a leaver that rotates to
apply the brakes.This should rest against the backstop screw in both sides
when the cable is at the correct tension. If the aout adjust is working
correctly ,the leavers should rotate about 1/2 to 3/4  for the brakes to
come on.If one or both are rotating full travel ,then the adjusters have
either frozen or been assembled incorrectly.When the cable is set
correctly,the handbreak should come up at least 4 to 6 clicks

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