[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S Handbrake Cable Adjustment

Paul Smith vmi2148 at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jul 11 08:24:15 BST 2004

You can just pump the brake pedal, the effect is the same.  I get my son to
do it, makes listening for ratchet noises in the calipers easier.


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> when new pads are installed after winding back the calipers to allow new
> ones to be put in ,you must pump the handbrake 20-30 times to wind the
> pistons forward to take up the play .Each time you pull on the hand brake
> keep the release button pushed in so you can hear the clicking of the
> adjuster as it winds up the slack.If you hear no clicking and the
> still dosnt hold there are two possible causes .1,the ratchet mecanism has
> frozen ,or 2 the little pin that links the leaver in the caliper to the
> brake piston has fallen back inside the groove in the leaver.Unfortunately
> both of these will need the calipers to be disassempled.To confirm that
> is the case look at the inner pad while rotating the handbrake leaver on
> caliper ,if the pad moves in by a fraction of an inch ,the the pin is in
> correct place.
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