[ROVERNET - UK] P4 Clutch & P6 Dynamo

Alan FRANCIS royston at jualry.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Jul 13 07:36:11 BST 2004

Can anyone help me with the following please?

P4 Question
On travelling back from Ragley Hall (good day out) the clutch on my P4 90
started giving up the ghost and it became increasingly difficult to change
gear. As I had to free the clutch quite brutally (and I have had an element
of 'judder' ever since) when I got the car and the previous owner confirmed
he had never fitted one (so it's done 40,000 miles)I reckon it's reasonable
to assume it's had it! My question is I have managed to cross-reference the
original part numbers to the following, Clutch kit 591705 & Bearing STC1130.
Can anyone CONFIRM these part numbers will fit on a P4 90? My reason for
asking is they are 'good' Land Rover numbers and are therefore available
through the Land Rover specialists, which as we know tend to be cheaper. (In
this case about £62 inc VAT + delivery)

P6 Question
The ign light on my '64 car is staying on. By joining the field coil/dynamo
leads together and using a voltmeter I can only get about 11.5 volts at
about 15-1800 revs. The brushes seem ok but a continuity test between the
field coil terminal and earth gives me a reading, is this OK? Any other
tests I can do to check the armature? I have a combined volt/ohm/ammeter.

Thanks in anticipation.

Alan Francis (Part Viking)

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