[ROVERNET - UK] P4 Clutch & P6 Dynamo

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Hi Richard,
	     Thanks for you information. That was going to be my next question, the
manual says the box comes out the inside of the car and it all seems very
'easy' in the book. Has anyone ever taken a P4 gearbox out from inside the
car? Just how 'easy' is it?



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The clutch plate for a Series 2 Land-Rover is a what you want.  The Series 3
clutch plate has a larger diameter and, while it will fit, it will not

Just a observation: consider pulling the engine and gearbox out as a unit -
really easy.  That way you also replace the rear main oil seal - always
worth doing on a P4 if you get the chance.  Getting the gearbox in and out
on a P4 with the engine in situ is a pig of a job and takes more
organisation and time than the hey-ho-and-out-the-front-with-it-all
approach.  (Easier to put back too - trying to lift and line up a P4 gearbox
is a real character building experience.

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