[ROVERNET - UK] Request for Auto. Trans. part sourcing 3500S

Phil philhodge at northsound.net
Sun Jul 18 21:13:35 BST 2004

Does anyone have a source for automatic transmission parts that could
provide the 'oil seal for manual control shift'? This is the washer-like
seal for the gear selector where it enters the transmission body. The car
is a 1970 3500S with the Borg-Warner 35 trans. 

This should be the last thing I need to get my transmission working and
leak free! The previous owner converted the car to a Eldebrock intake
manifold and Holley carburator and had electronic ignition installed. The
engine was great, starting every time, but the transmission left a bit to
be desired. They had a bracket made for the downshift cable which did not
adjust properly and held the trans. in second until the car reached 45-50
MPH. Lots of get-up-and-go but not so good gas mileage. I made a new
bracket and it now shifts properly. 

Thanks for any help,
Phil Hodge
1968 2000TC
1970 3500S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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