[ROVERNET - UK] OT Fitting a dizzy to a Jag

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Tue Jul 20 02:52:06 BST 2004

A friend picked up a series 2 XJ6 for a song with a rebuilt motor, car
required assembling.
He did most of it, I got involved in the ignition wiriing and timing.

Well I learnt how good Rover manuals are.  The Jag ones are Terrible.  The
bright spot is Someone has put the original workshop manuals and parts
manuals on CD, he bought it for under $50AUD from England.
The wiring is random compared to a P6, and there are a plethora of diagrams,
every model was quite different.
I could just get my hand in to mount the dizzy location bolt; I started
thinking how easy a 2000 is.... yikes.
Well I did a static ignition time, and found the plug leads needing moving
on the dizzy cap; but it now seemed to match the book picutre of where
number 1 lead should be.  The good news was that the dizzy actually has 60
degrees of rotation available, so in theory you can have the drive gear
anywhere and wind up timing it ok.
The drive gear is accessed by removing the cam chain cover, which I think
requires the water pump out.  It all looked like it would be best with
engine Out.

He wasn't ready to fire it so we left it (it was during work lunchhour).
Next weekend another friend looked at the manual (probably one of the
hardcopy ones, he has Haynes and something else as well as the cd) and
discovered that number 1 is at the REAR of the engine.
I had Never heard of that; who would do such a crazy thing?
Rod printed the engine tech specs page from the official cd manual to prove
it - #1 is at the back.
So they swapped the plug leads around, and it fired first hit.

Eh.  Rovers are a Lot more sensible than Jags!


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