[ROVERNET - UK] stuck clutch remedy? 2000 TC

roger matheson rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
Wed Jul 21 06:07:42 BST 2004

There was a debate on rovernet a few weeks ago about stuck clutches.
Solutions included drilling a hole in the bell housing so that a flat piece
of metal could be inserted between the flywheel and the clutch plate.

I have had this experience with several cars and a landrover and solved it
eventually but in a dramatic procedure.  I would try the following in order

1)    Ensure that the clutch slave cylendar is working correctly and that
when the pedal is pressed the clutch actuating lever moves through its
normal travel.  There may be air in the fluid reducing normal operation

2)    On a level surface, put the car in 1st and jam the pedal to the floor
and alternatively rock the car back and forward

3)    Warm up the engine, jack one rear wheel off the ground.  Start the car
in first and raise the idle with the choke .  Press the clutch in fully and
use repeated sharp applications of the brake

4)    If all these fail, have a stiff drink.  Warm the engine.  Engage first
and start the car in gear, drive to a secluded spot.  Press the clutch in
and use the acelerator with sudden sharp movements to put significant
acceleration and de acceleration shocks on the clutch.  Persist until the
clutch frees or arrested by the police.  The transmission line may produce a
bang when the clutch frees.  Use the handbrake or wheel chocks, use first or
reverse and let the clutch partially engage so as to remove any rust from
the mating surfaces.  (Otherwisae you will have the same problems again the
next day when things cool)

5)    Go home and have sufficient stiff rinks to overcome the trauma of the

In my experience, the only alternative to freeing it this way is to remove
the gearbox and dismantle the clutch.  This may be prefereable if you
suspect oil leaks or a badly corroded flywheel that requires machining.

Good luck

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> Hi list,
> I went to take the P6 for a drive on Sunday (after letting it sit for a
month or so in hot, humid weather) and discovered that the clutch appears to
be stuck to the flywheel.  Does anyone have any P6-specific suggestions for
freeing it up?  I plan to warm the car up to operating temp., point it down
the drive, & try to start it in 2nd, working the clutch pedal as I went.
The one problem I can see is the need to repeatedly switch the ignition key
back and forth each time I try to start the car.  I've done this before w/a
Mini; however, the Mini is a bit easier to do because you don't need to keep
switching the key back to "off."
> Oh- I'm headed out this week to get a dehumidifier for the garage . . . .
> Any suggestions will be most appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Jim
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