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Thu Jul 22 03:20:13 BST 2004

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 17:07:59 +0000, you wrote:

>THanks for all the feedback..............Few other queries........Is the 3.9 
>just the 3.5 bored out or is it entirely new ...........Same motor as in the 
>Land Rover i assume...........I,ve talked a bit more to the guy and he has 
>had a few electrical difficulties.....Ignition, windows etc...........

I will add my comments as well. I have a 5sp manual 1985 SEII, been a
happy owner for 5 years now. It has not given any more problems than a
similarly aged car would give. 

I have had the engine enlarged to 4 litres, it has a warm cam, and a
Motec ECU. I have not had the car measured, but I know it will easily
hold off the 5 litre Commodores the local hoons drive, as well as the
occasional Porsche 944.

The problems I am having at the moment are water hose related. It
seems that it is the time that they all are deciding they have had
enough. The heater tap also decided to break.

Other then that the car is working really well. As someone else said
it handles well, all very progressive, and gives you plenty of warning
before a slide if you are pushing it.

With the SEIIs (1983 on?) the electrical problems of the SD1 were
largely fixed. If the motor is a 3.9 it could either be a bored out
3.5, or as some have done here taken a short 3.9 litre from a Range
Rover and put it in the car.


Peter H

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