Ron Morey morey814 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 04:29:36 BST 2004

Bill, here is my opinion. Not everyone has to agree with me.
Usually a 3.9 is a 3.5 with new cylinder sleeves therefore it is bored out. 
The other 3.9 is usually referred to as a 4.0. It is a factory 3.9 with a 
longer crank and different timing cover/oil pump. That is what I am told 
anyway. I have not seen one up close and personal.

The only trouble I have had with the windows is the switches. As stated 
previously they collect dirt. The covers snap off easily and the contacts 
can be cleaned and the toggle reassembled. In fact I have had less trouble 
with the Rover electric windows than several GM products that have been much 
newer. Occasionally any electric motor will sieze or become sluggish. Life 
can be gained by disassembly and regreasing but this usually doesnt last 
more than a couple years in my experience.

I dont know what allowances Ontario makes for a cars age regarding 
emissions. You may have problems if it has carbs but I suspect it should 
pass with fuel injection. Cant guarantee that though as I have never had to 
put mine through an emissions test. The EFI Rover used tended to be a simple 
form. It uses O2 sensors but not to control mixture. It was temperature and 
air flow dependant. I dont know exactly what brands were used, Lucas and 
Bosch I think but I'm not sure. My SD1 has Strombergs.
As far as RHD to LHD that may be a problem. The mounts are there but...the 
dash has holes that will have to be filled on one side and opened up on the 
other for wiring. Some wiring will have to be re routed. If the relay panel 
is on the opposite side then you will have to move the wires for instrument, 
switches and almost everything that has a relay. If it has air con you will 
have to move the reservoir, temp control and hoses to the opposite side I 
suspect since the master cylinder(s) will occupy that space. The hoses 
shouldnt have to be disconnected except to swivel the connections at the 
bulkhead. I think it would be much easier to convert a P6. The SD1 is much 
more complicated electrically.
It wont be easy. As with everything else it depends on your motivation. One 
thing in your favor though is that you dont own a Rover because it is easy. 
Perseverence stimulates personal strength.
All the best, Ron.
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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] SD 1
>Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 17:07:59 +0000
>THanks for all the feedback..............Few other queries........Is the 
>3.9 just the 3.5 bored out or is it entirely new ...........Same motor as 
>in the Land Rover i assume...........I,ve talked a bit more to the guy and 
>he has had a few electrical difficulties.....Ignition, windows 
>etc...........He,s asking 6,000 CDN..........The engine is new 2 years ago 
>and he has a ton of spares............What i just thought of.............I 
>would have to have it emission tested to licence...............Are they 
>clean motors..............One last............How easy is it to convert 
>from RHD to LHD......I wouldn,t feel comfortable driving it as RHD
>Bill Robertson
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