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How about taking it to an upholstery shop and having them sew a leather
covering to the belt ends and install some grommets for the bolts. A step
further of course, is to smooth the rough edges of the holes that you cut or
install some large rubber or plastic grommets. Check electrical supply
houses for the material they use on large conduit or junction boxes to
protect wiring from chafing. It might require heating with a heat gun to
soften and mold it into shape. Ideas out of the top of my head! Another one
just popped out. The grommet material used in computer desks, etc. to line
the holes for cables.

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Slats and John,

Thank you.  I'm not sure that the stuff you have in mind would work, bearing
in mind that the floor board is about 5/8 of an inch thick and the seat
bottom perhaps 3/8.  I might try large heat-shrink tubing (if it is
available about 1 1/2 inches in diameter); it would be nice to enclose the
belt material where it anchors to the brackets because that is open to the
elements and to flying oil!

Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)

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We used to use that, it's called grommet strip and is available for many
different thicknesses of metal
best wishes
John Atkin(IOW UK)
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> In the electronics industry, they use a plastic material that is flexible
> and can be cut to length to install on holes of that sort in sheet metal.
> Some of it is a solid and smooth surface all around. Another type has
> ball type grippers molded into the two surfaces that grip the sheet metal.
> Maybe Radio Shack or a surplus electronics outlet? Believe it was simply
> called grommet material. Knowledge from another former occupation. We used
> this stuff on the old computer mainframes.
> Slats
> Vancouver, WA, USA

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