Morag Bellingham bellinghammorag at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 15:47:17 BST 2004

Hello again! Hi! It's me, the Hon. Morag.
Well as you know, while I was working on my Rover p4 saloon recently, the 
carburettors sprayed my nylon-stockinged legs with hot damper oil which 
subsequently caught fire, causing horrific *melting* burns to my legs. I 
don't trust the Ambulatory Services and so I drove to hospital in my 1985 
Vitesse, not wanting to be late for work.
Anyway wouldn't you know it, but when I got to emergency I couldnt open the 
central locking on the Vitesse! The upshot was that I had to alight from my 
conveyance using the sunroof, causing some alarm to two passers by as my 
legs were flung akimbo during my orderly egress from the roof of the 
Anyway, the terrible news is that when I tried to start the Vitesse to drive 
to work, having opened it with the aid of a syringe and a hospital issue 
scalpel, the Vitesse actually lost all steering around a *severe* bend and I 
crashed into the rear of a 1986 Vanden Plas Jaguar. I am not insured and 
don't know what to do - can anyone *HELP*????

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