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Wed Jul 28 00:32:30 BST 2004


Hope you and your "singe" (haw haw) have made a full
and speedy recovery.

Do you perchance know Alfred Stewart, from down the

Herbert & Roger

--- Morag Bellingham <bellinghammorag at hotmail.com>
wrote: > Hello again! Hi! It's me, the Hon. Morag.
> Well as you know, while I was working on my Rover p4
> saloon recently, the 
> carburettors sprayed my nylon-stockinged legs with
> hot damper oil which 
> subsequently caught fire, causing horrific *melting*
> burns to my legs. I 
> don't trust the Ambulatory Services and so I drove
> to hospital in my 1985 
> Vitesse, not wanting to be late for work.
> Anyway wouldn't you know it, but when I got to
> emergency I couldnt open the 
> central locking on the Vitesse! The upshot was that
> I had to alight from my 
> conveyance using the sunroof, causing some alarm to
> two passers by as my 
> legs were flung akimbo during my orderly egress from
> the roof of the 
> vehicle.
> Anyway, the terrible news is that when I tried to
> start the Vitesse to drive 
> to work, having opened it with the aid of a syringe
> and a hospital issue 
> scalpel, the Vitesse actually lost all steering
> around a *severe* bend and I 
> crashed into the rear of a 1986 Vanden Plas Jaguar.
> I am not insured and 
> don't know what to do - can anyone *HELP*????

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