[ROVERNET - UK] Rovernet Recommendations

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 17:15:03 BST 2004

Here are the recommendations I propose for the
Rovernet list:

I have prepared a webpage which tries to clarify and
encourage people to join the main Rovernet
list(Mailman) operating from the long-term server in
the UK and join the "Rovernet" Yahoo Groups list as
the backup.

I further propose that on Tuesday I go to the "Topica"
and "Rover_net" list and switch everyone to "Nomail". 
People could unsubscribe if they would rather.

>From Tuesday, the original Rovernet will continue as
the main list and "Rovernet - Yahoo" will be the back
up.  I will switch everyone on the Yahoo list to
nomail so there is no confusion as to what list to use
to connect with members on a daily basis.  Members
would be able to post at the website and to freely
post pictures on the website for others to see.  The
main flow of email messages will come through the
Rovernet - UK list.

If I don't hear objections then that's what I propose
to do. I invite discussion.

Topica has commercialized its email messages too much
and Yahoo has SPAM potential.


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