[ROVERNET - UK] Rovernet Recommendations

Glen Wilson glenwilson at ixpres.com
Sat Jun 5 16:52:14 BST 2004

Peter Huttemeier wrote:
> To avoid this happening again, perhaps you could also keep a backup
> copy of the email addresses of the subscribers to the main (Lyris)
> list.

Eric, whatever you think best suits me. My only suggestion is that you 
send out one mass email message notifying list members that the Rovernet 
is down, if that's not too difficult. I can wait (im)patiently for it to 
come back up, but always wonder if something is wrong with my individual 
subscription or my mail server when the Rovernet messages stop. A note 
saying Rovernet is temporarily down would help psychologically.

Glen Wilson
Suburban Philadelphia

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