[ROVERNET - UK] Fed 3500S restoration pics

Glen Wilson glenwilson at ixpres.com
Sat Jun 5 17:12:32 BST 2004

You might be interested in seeing some pictures I took circa 1998 using 
a primitive digital device of the 3500S I was actively restoring at that 
time.  I still have the car, but it has deteriorated somewhat from being 
stored outside. Things went along at a good clip until the time came to 
paint it. Skill, expertise, equipment cash and other vitals were 
missing, so the restoration stalled. I got distracted by an SD1 and a 
1963 P4. Recently my son has taken an interest in it and may complete 
the restoration.

I had these pictures up years ago, but some of the newer people may not 
have seen them before.

Go to


and click on the viking head for the Wichita 3500S.

Glen Wilson
Suburban Philadelphia

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