[ROVERNET - UK] Yahoo system not so funny

Eric Russell rovernet at shaw.ca
Sat Jun 5 19:56:31 BST 2004

There seems to be no easy fix for the Rovernet.
I can't reach either Yahoo email box this morning.  Perhaps they have a 
system crash or a hacker attack.

If I can ever get a complete list of Rovernet members, I thought to use it 
to warn members of system problems.  I did that with the Topica list.  I 
told all members of the Rovernet - UK crash.  That only went to about 72 
members of the 250 or so main members.  If members sign on to a back up 
system, then I can warn them.

"You can lead a horse to water and even ram its head in the trough, but 
........ you can't make it drink."  Anon


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