[ROVERNET - UK] Fed 3500S Owner's Manual Sup Posted to Web

Glen Wilson glenwilson at ixpres.com
Sun Jun 6 16:27:25 BST 2004

Supplement to Federal 3500S
Owner's Manual

If you are lucky, your Federal 3500S came with the original hardbound 
owner's manual. These manuals are pretty classy with a wealth of 
information and color photographs. They often got separated from the 
car. Rover issued a a supplement to this manual in December 1969 that 
also tends to be missing after thirty or so years on the road and 
several owners. There is some useful information in this supplement 
about setting the car up to run properly on fuels of 96 to 99 octane as 
opposed to the 100 octane required for the car's standard emission 
control setup. Since it is sometimes hard to be sure that we are getting 
100 octane anywhere these days, and since most areas do not require that 
1970 vintage cars pass an emissions test, I thought some owners might 
want to follow the instructions in this supplement to adjust the car for 
octanes between 96 and 99. So, I posted this short document at the RSTCA 
website. The document is a little vague about the status of the AED 
during the adjustment procedure, but my opinion is that that the AED 
plunger should be in so that the AED is out of the loop while 
adjustments are being made.


Glen Wilson
Suburban Philadelphia

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