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James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
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Iwill copy this to Glen Wilson. as my Postings never seem to post> My #1 suggestion on revising the site is have a classifieds section like every other Classic car marque site.In absence of one; I hve both original and reproduction P6 literature I sell. I may have an owner's manual, but do have copies of Federal 3500S shop manuals and parts books for sale. Also, in case my last postings failed, I have a pair of SU 3500S carburettors for sale with the rare floatbowl coating intact, for the member who wanted to coat his,and a rustfree 3500S with an SD1 5 speed and rebuilt RangeRover enginein it, for the man with the rustbucket from Rochester,or anyone who buys it, and a RHD P5B with factory air less engine, for someone who might buy that engine.I am in Ft. Lauderdale, take credit cards, ship worldwide, and have a tollfree Phone # for those in the US- 1 877 524 8787. I have a lot of parts for 2000, 3500S,SD1,some Sterling., And some rare NOS for P6.. ALSO,I need a front suspension set. preferably poly, for my SD1. Anyone have one, or can direct me where to look?James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
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> Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Fed 3500S Owner's Manual Sup Posted to Web
> Supplement to Federal 3500S
> Owner's Manual
> If you are lucky, your Federal 3500S came with the original hardbound 
> owner's manual. These manuals are pretty classy with a wealth of 
> information and color photographs. They often got separated from the 
> car. Rover issued a a supplement to this manual in December 1969 that 
> also tends to be missing after thirty or so years on the road and 
> several owners. There is some useful information in this supplement 
> about setting the car up to run properly on fuels of 96 to 99 octane as 
> opposed to the 100 octane required for the car's standard emission 
> control setup. Since it is sometimes hard to be sure that we are getting 
> 100 octane anywhere these days, and since most areas do not require that 
> 1970 vintage cars pass an emissions test, I thought some owners might 
> want to follow the instructions in this supplement to adjust the car for 
> octanes between 96 and 99. So, I posted this short document at the RSTCA 
> website. The document is a little vague about the status of the AED 
> during the adjustment procedure, but my opinion is that that the AED 
> plunger should be in so that the AED is out of the loop while 
> adjustments are being made.
> http://clubs.hemmings.com/clubsites/rovercar/3500sup/3500sup.htm
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