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John Windwood wood at winds27.fsnet.co.uk
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Yes you do ! The door part is very different on early cars and uses an allen
key adjusting pin instead of the later bolt-headed one. I wasnt aware that
the difference was that great, but clearly it is!!
Kind Regards
John Windwood
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> Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between early and late door
> hinges. That is the part of the hinge that attaches to the door (not the
> base unit). My reason for asking is that I have just come from trying to
> re-hang the doors on my '64 car. I am certain the previous owner must have
> sourced second hand doors as the amount of adjustment required to get them
> to fit the aperture is significant, far more so than if they were the
> originals and had just be removed for spraying.
> My problem is both front and rear offside doors have had to be packed out
> from the base unit by about 8-10mm !!!! in order to get them to fit. That
> on the hinge side of the door, thus bringing the hinged part OUT of the
> aperture, without these the door is 'hinge bound' and attempts to bring
> latching faces together merely cause the hinged side to 'bounce'.
> The base unit part of the hinge keeps the same part number throughout but
> the door hinge changes and I am wondering if the later hinges have
> dimensions to the earlier ones?
> This is NOT an alignment question , I have done enough of these to know a)
> what a pain in the ar*e they are and b) how to do 'em!
> Could this be related to the anti-burst latch fitted to later cars and I
> think was discussed before when Tom Trafton was having the same trouble I
> think. My fear is there is very little thread now holding the base unit
> hinge to the base unit.
> If i am on the right lines I assume I need a set of door hinges from
> pre-anti burst doors?
> Regards
> Alan Francis (Part Viking)
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