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James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Fri Jun 11 05:47:18 BST 2004

I have been curious about Magstar wheels, so this seems a good time to seek answers. I have a 69 2000TC, Regency red, with rally foglights,factory Delenair AC and Magstars. I bought it 20+ years ago from a yacht captain who bought it new in California.Another member(was it Albert Boasberg?) has virtually the identical car which he bought new in California, with AC and Magstars.(My VIN# is 85902749C). Were these supplied by Rover, and were they a UK option,or Were they a creation of that California dealer for his"every option" cars? I had no hubcaps and found theRostyle P6 and MG Midget caps fell out.I took some from my P5B's 15" Rostyles, they work well.Magstars have a black steel rim and silver painted alloy center, which looked dull. I reversed this, painted the steel rim silver hammerite, the alloy center black hammerite, then sanded and show polished the alloy flat edges, in contrast to the black- a lovely wheel. -Though not to everyone's taste-A few years ago I received a desperate phone call on a Wednesday.It seems a French film crew brought an entourage to Miami, to shoot a major commercial for an auto insurance company.They had French street signs,French license plates, even a French demolition man- everything to shoot their commercial using a dull brown Rover..on Saturday.. except the Rover.No one told them there are virtually no Rovers on the streets of America.They had to agree to pay me well, and I delivered my show condition 2000TC Friday night,along with a spare bent bumper for the "accident".I drove to Miami to check on Saturday.The car was parked on a curb "In Paris",with all Rover emblems removed, dirt and a dulling agent on my waxed lacquer,and a set of Chevy Monza hubcaps wired on the Magstars,bought from Hubcap Heaven.The demolition man melted my clutchline,faking the accident,so they paid some more. If anyone in Europe saw that commercial, that is the real story- the moral being, Don't hire a French ad agency to shoot your commercials. James Dean, Ft Lauderdale.By the way, I have Magstars and Rostyles for sale.Contact me directly jaguru at bellsouth.net 
> From: "Larry" <lewill at ctcweb.net>
> Date: 2004/06/10 Thu PM 09:36:40 EDT
> To: <rovernet at lyris.ccdata.com>
> Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] rostyle wheels
> Eric and Fritz,
>     Thanks for the info concerning the decals. Can someone tell me the
> difference between rostyle wheels and magstar wheels. Eric, are your wheels
> on your cars the rostyle type? Thanks, Larry
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