[ROVERNET - UK] HELP! Clutch fluid reservoir...

Ron Morey morey814 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 13 01:56:41 BST 2004

Tom, it should be in the engine compartment. Look beside the brake master 
cylinder. The filler is there. It is hard to pour into without a funnel. The 
brake master cylinder filler is on the inner fender towards the grille. The 
clutch filler is on the master cylinder. Ron.
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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] HELP! Clutch fluid reservoir...
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>Where can I locate a clutch fluid reservoir on my LHD 1969 2000 TC?  The 
>manual is for RHD and says its near the pedal and accessible from the 
>inside of the car.
>I took out the drivers glove box and there is no filler.
>Any help?
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