[ROVERNET - UK] Drive shaft vibration

Barry Riseley barry-riseley at trump.net.au
Sat Jun 19 01:58:56 BST 2004

Hello David and the group,

I had real problems with my P4 105S in the matter of tailshaft vibration.
I follow the exact procedures in the official workshop manual for tailshaft
assembly and "alinement"

While that improved matters slightly I still had a vibration at around , I
think 35 to 45 mph.

I ended up taking the car the  a "Hardie Spicer" Service Centre for
tailshaft balancing.

This cost me somewhere in the region of $ 100 Australian.

That expenditure removed all vibration, and goes down in my memory as the
most significant single repair improvement I have ever made to a motor car
in my life.

>From memory, I think one of the traps for the uninitiated in the assembly
of a Rover P4 tailshaft is that the original factory balance marks
following a different practice to that utilised more commonly (in OZ anyway).

That is to say that balance marks on the front tailshaft are place 180
degrees away from the balance marks on the rear tailshaft.

The idea is that say the front tailshaft is 10 Oz heavy at the marked point
and the rear shaft is 9 Oz heavy at its marked point then the 180 degrees
arrangement cancels out the total out of balance to be 1 Oz. I know that
the figures I have given are not "real" but serve to give the principle.

The standard practice elsewhere in other cars is for all balance marks to
be simply lined up.

The resulting confusion, to other than Rover Mechanics (an where do you
find them nowadays) means that re assembly on Rover shafts is often made,
in error, such that the Out of balances add rather than cancel.

But, I still say that a competent balancer will be able to fix the whole
drive line.

Hope the above is of some value

Barry R


At 04:31 PM 18/06/04 -0700, you wrote:
>A few months ago there was an address on this net for
>a paper on vibration diagnosis which I printed.   My
>car has a vibration and today I took off the back
>wheels and drums and ran up to the vibration speed as
>was suggested.   There was enough vibration to shake
>the steering wheel.   Can any netters suggest how I
>can check the angles of the u-joints without an
>All suggestions will be welcome.  Thank you an
>David Gatrell
>1965 P-5 MkIIc
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