[ROVERNET - UK] Drive shaft vibration/also mirrors

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 19 05:35:18 BST 2004

I had such a vibration on my 69 2000TC. I found the rear  4-speed gearbox
bearing was worn. I did not realize the front extension bearing of the
differential also goes bad, and in fact, wasn't someone discussing changing
one several days ago?....Also, regarding the great mirror debate. I
mentioned the American looking (Believed) British mirrors from my Vanden
Plas Princess 4R, with 4 1/8 "spacing. I have now found the left  mirror I
believe was original from my 69 2000TC, It appears identical to the Princess
mirrors, with a phillips screw above theball where the stem attaches.The
Rover mirror has a metal pivot ball, the Princess mirrors have a nylon pivot
ball, spacing also 4 1/8. Glenn, are you sure your holes are 4 3/8, not 4
1/8? James Dean
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> Rovernetters
> A few months ago there was an address on this net for
> a paper on vibration diagnosis which I printed.   My
> car has a vibration and today I took off the back
> wheels and drums and ran up to the vibration speed as
> was suggested.   There was enough vibration to shake
> the steering wheel.   Can any netters suggest how I
> can check the angles of the u-joints without an
> inclinometer?
> All suggestions will be welcome.  Thank you an
> advance.
> David Gatrell
> 1965 P-5 MkIIc
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