[ROVERNET - UK] bearing noise in noisy gearboxes

Roger Matheson rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
Sun Jun 27 13:54:02 BST 2004

Hi Mike,

I have been following your story with interest because my 4 speed on my 3500
S has developed a wine.  I have a V 8 with a celica 5 speed but the body has
collapsed and it is out of registration.  i liked the geer box because of
its low rpm 5th.  My dilemma is ????

Use the 5 speed celica from the wreck on my 3500S
Locate an SDI 5 speed
re build my 4 speed
locate another 5 speed, for example the supra you have
what conversions are necesary

I have put a 4 speed into an auto 2000 so I am confident I can do the work
but would be grateful of your advice


Roger matheson
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> My problem may be over.  Then again, it might not be.  I have the
> opportunity to take a five speed Japanese box complete with P6B compatible
> bell housing, slave cylinder, clutch, prop shaft etc.  This is already
> installed in a retired P6Bs, so it should be an easy swapover.
> The only question is that this is a Celica box.  I understand this is
> mechanically identical to the Supra box save that the case is alumiium
> rather than steel.
> Rovernet wisdom is kindly solicited.
> kanjane
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