[ROVERNET - UK] 2000Tc rebuild

Mike Shaddick mikshdik at ozemail.com.au
Mon Nov 1 21:05:01 GMT 2004

>Bill, I have used Mohawk 10% ethanol blend for about 10years. I believe they
>have dropped the octane rating again to 92. The TC runs fine on 90 but the
>ignition must be retarded to about 4BTDC instead of 6. I put up with a
>slight ping and occasional dieseling. Otherwise it runs well. I forget if
>you are located in the US or Canada. Several US states have ethanol blends
>as well. I would stick with 10:1 compression but there are trade offs in
>doing so.


A couple of years back, I started running the P6B with increasing amounts
of ethanol.  I got it up to 80% ethanol without any difficulty.  Timing was
left unchnged at 2 deg btdc, which ws the most I could get wy with with our
brillint "lead replcement petrol"  I hd to mess round with the mixtures
progressively.  At 80%, performance was down  bit and consumption was up a
bit, but still in a range I could live with.  I have no doubt I could have
restored the performance with further profound fiddlng with the carbs.

I stopped for two reasons.  The nearest source of ethanol was 100 miles
away on the other side of Sydney and I elicited zero interest from the
motoring orgnisations, the biofuels organisations, politicians of either
water or the press.

"A prophet is without honour" etc


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