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Sat Nov 6 14:45:19 GMT 2004

Hi Bill,

Two sources in the US that I have bought SU parts from are Joe Curto in 
New York state -- he is an SU specialist who advertises in Hemmings, and 
Moss Motors.  Joe C. can supply the parts based on telling him that its 
an HD8 for a 3 litre MkII.  He can also rebuild the complete carb or 
just bore the carb body for an oversize throttle shaft if the shaft is 
loose in the body.

If you don't do a full rebuild, it is at least worthwhile to replace the 
jet with its rubber diaphram -- I have never actually seen one of these 
diaphrams spring a fuel leak, but it seems risky to rely on a 40 
year-old rubber diaphram that flexes every time the cold start is used.  
Same goes for HD8s on P4s and early P6s.  I don't see a need to replace 
the needle that mates with the jet.  Other than that there is only a few 
gaskets and the needle valve for the float bowl.

Moss Motors can supply the HD8 parts too, but you have to order them as 
Austin Healey 3000 parts.  I believe it is the 0.125" jet that you 
want.  (Some HD6's use a 0.100" jet.)  If you have trouble identifying 
the parts, try contacting Kelvin Dodd at Moss, he is a Rover owner and 
RSTCA member too.

And don't rule out the Rover specialists like ABC in Vancouver or 
Spectral Kinetics (Dermott Harvey) in NY or James Dean in Florida.

--Steve Manwell

Bill Oppermann wrote:

>BlankHello fellow Rover folks,
>I am new to this arena.  I have an 1965 Rover 3 Litre Mark II which has been
>store (poorly) for some time now and I am trying to bring it to life.  So
>far I've realized in needs an carburator overhaul kit. The rubber diaphram
>is cracked and leaking.  Does anyone out there know a good source for
>purchasing this type of thing?
>Thanks to anyone that can help.
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