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The needles are the part that wears from fuel flow, making the mixture rich 
in the most-used zone.
They tend to be expensive though for what they are.


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> Hi Bill,
> Two sources in the US that I have bought SU parts from are Joe Curto in 
> New York state -- he is an SU specialist who advertises in Hemmings, and 
> Moss Motors.  Joe C. can supply the parts based on telling him that its an 
> HD8 for a 3 litre MkII.  He can also rebuild the complete carb or just 
> bore the carb body for an oversize throttle shaft if the shaft is loose in 
> the body.
> If you don't do a full rebuild, it is at least worthwhile to replace the 
> jet with its rubber diaphram -- I have never actually seen one of these 
> diaphrams spring a fuel leak, but it seems risky to rely on a 40 year-old 
> rubber diaphram that flexes every time the cold start is used.  Same goes 
> for HD8s on P4s and early P6s.  I don't see a need to replace the needle 
> that mates with the jet.  Other than that there is only a few gaskets and 
> the needle valve for the float bowl.
> Moss Motors can supply the HD8 parts too, but you have to order them as 
> Austin Healey 3000 parts.  I believe it is the 0.125" jet that you want. 
> (Some HD6's use a 0.100" jet.)  If you have trouble identifying the parts, 
> try contacting Kelvin Dodd at Moss, he is a Rover owner and RSTCA member 
> too.
> And don't rule out the Rover specialists like ABC in Vancouver or Spectral 
> Kinetics (Dermott Harvey) in NY or James Dean in Florida.
> --Steve Manwell
> Bill Oppermann wrote:
>>BlankHello fellow Rover folks,
>>I am new to this arena.  I have an 1965 Rover 3 Litre Mark II which has 
>>store (poorly) for some time now and I am trying to bring it to life.  So
>>far I've realized in needs an carburator overhaul kit. The rubber diaphram
>>is cracked and leaking.  Does anyone out there know a good source for
>>purchasing this type of thing?
>>Thanks to anyone that can help.
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