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peter king peter at king-co.com
Fri Nov 12 17:16:37 GMT 2004

Thanks for that, Walter. I had downloaded that info earlier, but my local
paint shops seem to be unable to reference the tint numbers. I need to drive
to Canada, I guess! Actually, I think these guys are all so worried about
being held accountable for mixing the "wrong" paint that they won't extend
themselves outside their known procedures. "If it ain't in the book, we
don't mix it".

I'll keep trying to peddle that info around to other shops. Thanks again.


on 11/11/04 10:32 PM, Walter Reynolds at wreynold at uniserve.com wrote:

> Peter:  If you go to the Rover Car Club of Canada and click on the "Rover
> Paint Codes" and you will find the tint/quantity formulas for Arden Green
> along with a host of other pertinent info.  The RCCC web address is:
> www.roverclub.ca.  My P6 2000 is Arden Green, and in some lights, it looks
> black.
> Walter
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