[ROVERNET - UK] Long winded diatribe on profiling SU needles

Philip Clendaniel p.clendaniel at comcast.net
Tue Nov 23 15:25:17 GMT 2004

This post was timely for me due to my current fuel consumption situation.
However, I suspect that the problem I'm having needs more of a sledge hammer
approach.  After repeated attempts at mixture/idle speed adjustment, I'm
only getting 10-11 mpg.  Idle is smooth, but starting a warm engine is
difficult, indicating a rich mixture.  But attempts to lean out the mixture
result in extremely rough idle, to the point of stalling.

Also, the piston-lift method of checking the mixture doesn't seem to work as
expected; rather than the slight speed-up you would normally get with a rich
mixture, I get no change in engine speed, either up or down.

Given the current inflated price of gasoline, any suggestions as to how to
approach this (short of a complete carb rebuild) will be greatly

Philip Clendaniel

1968 2000TC (converted to 2200)

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