[ROVERNET - UK] Long winded diatribe on profiling SU needles

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Tue Nov 23 21:42:25 GMT 2004

You really should get 25mpg out of a TC, even on US gallons.
Does your TC have HD8 or HS8 carbs?  Mine has HD8 and they Definitely need
needle profiling, Always too lean at idle.  Static ign timing on unleaded
should be about 5BTDC.

My uncle changed his HS8s, I might have what he did, but he didn't change
the top 2 stations from memory.


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This post was timely for me due to my current fuel consumption situation.
However, I suspect that the problem I'm having needs more of a sledge hammer
approach.  After repeated attempts at mixture/idle speed adjustment, I'm
only getting 10-11 mpg.  Idle is smooth, but starting a warm engine is
difficult, indicating a rich mixture.  But attempts to lean out the mixture
result in extremely rough idle, to the point of stalling.

Also, the piston-lift method of checking the mixture doesn't seem to work as
expected; rather than the slight speed-up you would normally get with a rich
mixture, I get no change in engine speed, either up or down.

Given the current inflated price of gasoline, any suggestions as to how to
approach this (short of a complete carb rebuild) will be greatly

Philip Clendaniel

1968 2000TC (converted to 2200)

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