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To establish whether it is fuel or ignition
problems with nonstarters I always first take
a syringe with fuel and inject the carbs.

If there is ignition and normal starting power
the engine will start or at least sputter and then die again.

Only when not I will test ignition, sparks etc.

Take a plug out, keep the HT lead connected.
Place the plugbody against a earth. Body or engine.
Crank the engine either by hand or with the starter
and see if there is a spark.
When necessary repeat with other plugs.
When there are sparks check the static ignition timing.
When no sparks check the lowtension circuit.
Take a voltmeter, turn the ignition on and take
a reading on the + of the coil (SW). This should
be 6-9 volts. When turning the starter this should be
around 12 volt.

Do not mix up the HT leads to the plugs.
This is so easy with 8 leads. Now and again I
still make a mistake.

Lex van Opstal.

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Onderwerp: Starting Problems

Now this may well seem like a very simple situation that has happened to
most of us at one time or another. My car won't start! I turn the key,
there is action, the engine is turning over but no spark! It is not
firing. I replaced the spark plugs as I reckoned they were getting a bit
long in the tooth - still no joy. I checked the leads and they look a
bit 'iffy' at the distributor end so I will replace them. The car has
electronic ignition so its not a normal dizzy setup. My question is,
"what are the things I should be looking at the find the problem?" I
will check the petrol flow, maybe change the petrol filter and then
change the leads - anything else? All help will be much appreciated.


Ray Wilkins
Melbourne, Australia
1976 P6B, Almond

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