[ROVERNET - UK] Supra 5 spd transmission

Robert Thornton R.Thornton at adelaidecitycouncil.com
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The Toyota 5 speed alloy cased gearbox is tough, lightweight, common and
cheap.  It needs to be fitted up using the a good  installation kit like
the one Dellow Automotive in Sydney produce which contains everything
needed including the bellhousing, tailshaft yoke and clutch components
for around AUD800. Dellow can also supply a recon or low mileage Supra
box ex Japan for around AUD600 or owners can source their own. This is
all quite reasonable compared to the price of a recond LT 77 or a new
R380 (which is almost as bad). As an added bonus the kit enables you to
get rid of the SD1s non serviceable CV joint tailshaft and use regular
universal joints. 

The so-called 'oval case' Supra 'box is almost the same size as the
Rover one but weighs only 33 kg compared to the Rover's 50 kg. It comes
in four versions with differing gear ratios.  Of these Dellow recommend
either a W 55 or a W 59 box - there's also a W 57 and W 58 but these
have a 1.89 second gear which is not really appropriate. 

Ratio	W55	W57	W58	W59     R154      Rover Vitesse LT77
1st	3.57	3.28	3.28	3.95    3.30		3.32
2nd	2.06	1.89	1.89	2.14    1.95		2.09
3rd	1.38	1.27	1.27	1.27    1.34		1.40
4th	1.00	1.00	1.00	1.00    1.00		1.00
5th	0.85	0.86	0.78	0.83    0.75		0.79

In addition there is the R 154 'box as fitted to the Supra twin turbo.
This has appropriate gearing but  is wider and heavier than the non
turbo boxes, though it's virtually indestructible (also has an electric
speedo drive). The Celica steel case box can also be used but this is
generally agreed to be not as good or as strong as the Supra box, and of
course it's heavier. And lastly there's the Supra V160 box which is a 6
speed and actually a Getrag box but I believe the bellhousing is
integral to the gearbox on this which would present problems.

Hpoe this helps.


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Ok i,ve come across a 1989 Toyota Supra 5 speed
is the best transmission for the Rover v8..........This is an R154 
model.............Its my friends son.............What are they worth

Bill Robertson

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