[ROVERNET - UK] Fuel Leak Update

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I had a similar problem with the Solex carb on my P3 after it was rebuilt.
All the usual tests seemed to show no problems but the only way to get the
needle valve to seat was to give the thing a quick tap.  Eventually, after
comparing my carb with a similar one from another car, I found that the
gasket between the top and bottom halves of the float chamber was thiner on
my car.  I think the operating arm of the float chamber was pushing sideways
on the needle and preventing it from closing.  A thicker gasket was made and
it has never stuck since (4 years).

Stewart Devlin

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> Thanks for the quick responses.
> I took the float lid off and the float rises and falls fine.  You say the
> chamber should be empty?  It is full.  As far as the "blow/suck test",
> I engage the float lever and close the valve, it seems to function fine.
> Can I empty the chamber and try it again with out fluid?  And if you still
> think it is the valve, where do I get a replacement?
> Fuel is definitely leaking from the escape (air) hole on the side.  I
> noticed that this hole goes right into the top of the chamber itself and
> valve does not restrict access to it.  I am assuming that it needs to be
> there so air can let the float function properly.
> Thanks all!!
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