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HS type carbs with a brass float use a test bar that is 5/16" in diameter.
For HS type with and early type nylon float and steel needle, the gap
between the lever and face should be between 0.125"  (1/8"0 and 0.187
(3/16")". For the float chamber with the delrin needle (spring loaded) and
all nylon float assembly, the gap should be between 0.062" (1/16") and
0.187" (3/16') with float arm resting on the needle plunger not depressing
it. This type is not adjustable. Float setting is relatively critical, but
it is a coarse adjustment. The fine adjustment is the jet setting - idle

Hope this helps. Your answer should be one of the three depending upon which
type of needle and float that you have. This applies to any HS type - size
of the carb doesn't matter.

Vancouver, WA, USA
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> Thanks everyone,
> I think I will go the Grose Jet route as they are only $8 US at Moss
>   Do they both need to be replaced?  I am a big believer in "If it aint
> broke, don't fix it" philosophy.
> Do you suppose any SU type Grose Jet will work for my HS8?  Moss only has
> carbs from Triumph, Jag, Austin, and MG lines and no HS8's.  Anyone with
> cross over info please let me know.  Also, in my workshop manual it has a
> float fork level as 11mm, however, this is not the same carb as mine.  Can
> somebody e-mail me the correct measurement for AUD 329 HS8?
> Thanks as always for the help!
> Tom C.
> St. Paul, Minnesota
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