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The Rover V8 weighs approx 145 kg / 320 pounds, while the iron small
block Chev weighs about 240 kg / 530 pounds (just for comparison the
small block Ford weighs about 195 kg /430 pounds). 

A realistic power output (potential) of a large capacity Rover V8 is
around 300hp whereas the Chev can easily produce 450hp.

If you have a car weighing 1000 kgs producing 300hp then a 1500 kg car
needs to be producing at least half as much power again (450hp)to match
it in the power to weight stakes, theoretically at least. But of course
a lighter car will handle and brake more effectively than a heavier one.


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Hi all,

Does anyone know the weight of the V8 engine.  I am building a truck
crane to fit on the back of my landrover and I need some specifications
with which to calculate (guess probably) the chasis bracing.

Cheers  Roger

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